Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is an invisible field produced whenever there is current or electricity flow. Radiating outwardly, ELF EMFs envelop their origin and invade the surrounding area. The magnetic field radiation penetrates through all conventional materials. Properties of regular metals actually assist in their own penetration by cooperating with the ELF EMF magnetic fields.

In comparison to wireless electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic fields involving extremely low frequencies (ELFs) are more penetrating to the human body. For example, when electromagnetic high frequencies encounter a barrier of conventional metal such as tin, aluminum, copper, steel, lead, etc. the signals experience bounce or deflection from the surface of the metal. However, when the magnetic fields of ELF EMFs encounter the same metal barrier they penetrate right through it. One can imagine how vulnerable our bodies are to these forces.

Major organizations now agree non-ionizing, non-thermal ELF EMF magnetic fields are a possible carcinogen. Concerning various ELF EMF magnetic field radiations, the best advice doctors are giving is “prudent avoidance” of exposure as with other potential carcinogens.

Motorcycles consist of “oscillating current” electrical systems generating anywhere from 10,000 to 70,000 volts of electricity during engine operation. Throughout the electrical system, pulsing EMF radiation of extremely low frequency is produced. Many motorcycles have excessive magnetic field radiation generating sources located immediately underneath the rider’s seat away from the heat of the engine.

The motorcycle seat ELF EMF YouTube videos prove that motorcycle ELF EMF magnetic fields radiate up into the groin and body. Readings are detectable even up to six feet away from various motorcycle seats. This floods the rider’s entire torso including the breast, heart, lungs, lymphatic system, immune system, etc.

Motorcycle ELF EMF magnetic field radiation can be a greater risk than exposure from other electrical sources. ELF EMF sources can vary but the detrimental health issues remain the same. Keep in mind that motorcycle ELF EMFs are an extremely close groin invasion that can reach and penetrate the entire torso. Distance from ELF EMF magnetic field sources and duration of exposure are key factors in risk assessment.

Health concern surrounds automobile steel-belted radial tires as, when rotating, they can generate massive magnetic fields. Steel-belted radials are becoming more common on motorcycles and the rider’s groin is only inches away from the rear tire. Although not of electrical origin, varying ELF magnetic fields can still radiate out, penetrating the rider, especially at highway speeds.

Many organizations advocate the Precautionary Principle regarding various types of ELF EMF magnetic field radiation exposures. The Precautionary Principle is only effective if consumers are provided with proper information. One goal is to have the motorcycle industry publish the ELF EMF radiation emissions penetrating up through motorcycle seats. Another option would be to place a sticker or tag on each motorcycle revealing the level of ELF EMF radiation penetrating into the rider’s groin. Then, at the point of purchase, consumers (especially avid rider cancer survivors) can make personal decisions regarding excessive ELF EMF magnetic field close exposure.

We have more information today than ever before and organizations along with vehicle manufacturers need to reassess their position on electromagnetic health issues for consumer safety. As mentioned, magnetic fields penetrate through all conventional metals and only highly processed material can effectively shield us from excessive ELF EMF magnetic field radiation.

RiderSaver™ shielding provides exceptional attenuation (degree of shielding) for unique and irregular electromagnetic radiation induced from either current or voltage. RiderSaver™ shielding is corrode-free, can be cut and is bendable and pliable to accommodate intricate motorcycle seat internal base pans. RiderSaver™ shielding has a peel off layer for a stick-down side to further enhance installation onto seat pans. The outstanding magnetic field attenuation results from a unique heating/cooling process within a hydrogen reactive atmosphere. RiderSaver™ shielding is hydrogen annealed and isotropic meaning that it is ideal for attenuating EMF magnetic fields of varying orientation generated from either AC or DC electrical systems.

Ultimately, the best solution is to have motorcycles manufactured with electrical designs that are ELF EMF safer by addressing the emission. Another possible remedy is to relocate excessive ELF EMF magnetic field radiation producing components from immediately beneath motorcycle seats.

Randall Dale Chipkar developed the Electromagnetic Pro-Ionization Principle and the Motorcyclist Electromagnetic Safety Month Proclamation for international governments to help keep riders safer.

Please visit the magnetic field radiation motorcycle seat YouTube videos.

Please sign The Motorcycle Cancer Risk Worldwide Petition for rider safety.

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